Bio of Tamara O'Dell


With a degree in Journalism and specialization in Public Relations, I’ve become a good interviewer and have written feature stories or historical articles for clients for over 30 years.

I believe my ability to write is a gift. As young girl I entered and won several poetry and short essay contests. I was an editor and reporter on the newspaper and year-book staffs of all of my schools beginning in 7th grade through college. I interned at a major PR Agency in Houston and worked for that organization for 3 years.

Some of my clients have included:

  •  Nationally recognized artists
  •  A circuit board manufacturer
  •  Public Speakers
  •  Dance Instructors
  •  A retired traveling salesman
  •  Cities – including Colorado Springs and Downtown Fort Collins
  •  Private proprietary college
  •  An accounting firm
  •  Specialty Retailer
  •  Nonprofits

I was born into an Air Force family in California and started traveling the world when I was four months old. My love of travel, my joy of meeting new people and exposure to different cultures (even here in the U.S.), and my natural curiosity have enabled me to become very resourceful, adventurous and resilient.

My hope is that I somehow make someone's life just a little richer because our paths crossed.