Memories & Messages

Written for you by Tamara O'Dell

Not everyone has a book to write, but we all have a story or two we’d like to pass on to our children, grandchildren, friends, significant others or even colleagues or industry peers.  But maybe you don’t know how to tell your story, don't have time to write, or can’t write.  That’s when you hire me.

It brings me joy to write your story or message so that it will be treasured and shared.  I have a system that will help us craft the story you want to tell and bring life to it in your voice.  You may also choose to have me tell the story “about” you.

My story for You (insert name of recipient)

A perfect gift for graduation, Mother's or Father's Day, A Milestone Birthday or to give to elderly relatives. This is your personalized story for the person receiving it or for the person receiving it to tell their own story. It may be: “When I was your age…” or “Let me tell you who you are to me…” or “Some of my fondest times with you…” or a combination of these things or something altogether different such as a proposal or anniversary gift.

Suggested Topics & Time Periods

• A Year in the Life Of __     (You, You & Spouse, You & Child, etc.)

• Your Heritage – Memories & Stories

• A Moment In Time That Changed Your Life

• Growing up in your family of origin (or adopted or foster family)

• Parenthood

• Professional / Career Life

• Travel – a trip or trips that impacted you in some way

• The essence of you – why you are who you are

• Dating, Courtship & Marriage - funny stories, serious stories, lessons of love

• Life Changing Events (death, divorce, job loss, natural disaster, accident, health   problem, mental health)

• Forks in the road – decisions and choices that shaped your current or future life

• Lessons learned – and how those lessons were learned

• The Road I Traveled

• Messages to my loved ones

• A story to tell

• Reflections of you

• My spiritual journey

• In My Words – Philosophy On Life

Choose your own topic