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Here's a personal story:

I had a huge red tricycle that I loved to ride for hours round and around the courtyard in front of my house.  One day I decided that I was too big to ride a tricycle.  I WAS four, after all!  So, I marched up to my mother and said, “I want a bicycle.”  She laughed a little and said, “You can have one when you are six.”  She might as well have said, “Never.”  Because six sounded like “Never.”  A few days later, my mother was looking out the kitchen window watching me ride my trike up and down the sidewalk tipped over to the right balancing on two wheels!  I’d get to the end of the sidewalk, let the third wheel down on the ground, turn the trike around, start rocking and pedaling until I was once again on two wheels and then repeat the whole process.  I was the first one in my kindergarten class to get a bicycle – no training wheels!

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